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Founding fathers of passion: Piero Dusio

Founding fathers of passion: Piero Dusio

Piero Dusio deserves to be included among the "Founding Fathers" in the world of great carmakers for having founded the legendary car manufacturing company Cisitalia in 1946, even if the pedigree of the cars he built stopped too soon. However, the company's early closure did not prevent Dusio's cars from having a decisive impact on the development and history of automotive design and engineering worldwide.
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Festival of Speed 2019. Always something more.

Festival of Speed 2019. Always something more.

From the Itala of the Peking to Paris to the Soapbox racers, from the uphill challenge towards Goodwood House to the magical show of beauty: for these and myriad other ideas our heartfelt thanks go to Charles March, and the 26th edition of his Festival. In a feature published in The Key 2019, we get a picture of him as a boy in the box at Goodwood alongside World Champion Graham Hill. Don’t miss the in-depth interview, which is highly revealing. Here The Classic Car Trust provides an exclusive account of the excitement of piloting the 1907 Peking to Paris Itala up the drive leading to Goodwood House.
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A truly one-off Concourse: Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo

A truly one-off Concourse: Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo

A competition of elegance in Montecarlo, enriched by the royalty of Casa Grimaldi, is by definition something unique. And just how unique they were in terms of charm and value, the cars that paraded on the streets of the Principality and were subjected to ratings that, strictly speaking, shouldn't even have been there. In fact, being selected for participation is in itself a sign of absolute distinction.
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Mille Miglia

People with a strong vision can create something big – even under the worst conditions. In the mid-1920s, the difficult economic situation forced the major Italian car manufacturers, such as Bianchi, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, to rethink their commitment to motorsports. The town of Brescia, which had a long tradition of racing, came under additional pressure by the opening of the Monza course near Milan in 1922.

Concorso d’Eleganza di Villa d'Este

Cernobbio is a quiet village on Lake Como in Italy. Life here is relaxed but once a year, usually at the end of May it becomes the center of the classic car world. At its most prestigious hotel, Villa d’Este, since the 1920s of the last century, the most refined car show in the world has been held.

Pebble Beach Concours

Today Pebble Beach is home of the most important classic car concourse of elegance in the world. To enter a car in the event is already an achievement, to win a class a dream even for heavy players in the classic cars world. Following this, we can only imagine what do means, for both car and owner, to be declared best in show.

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