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The Cold is Beautiful

The Cold is Beautiful

Winter is hard, and that’s why we love it. The mountains are the playground and the ice raises the heart rate against a backdrop of spellbinding landscapes. These are the emotions that bring with them the coldest competitions of the year dedicated to classic cars in Europe. The first one is the recently concluded Coppa delle Alpi organised by 1000 Miglia, a regularity race officially included in the Italian Great Events Championship, which departs from Brescia and finishes in the centre of Ponte di Legno.
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Auctions in the Middle East

Auctions in the Middle East

‘Future shaper’ is the expression used when we talk about Asia, so the collector car market could not help but discuss this subject. In recent weeks three auction houses have offered their different approaches to this challenge by competing in the Arab market, with different but challenging results. The Asian collector’s market is much younger than the European or American one and the offer has to be tailored accordingly; therefore, many recent supercars and hypercars (which, incidentally, is also happening at the American events) and racing cars have joined the classic ones. The first pair of auctions was organised during the Riyadh Car Show, the most important historic car event on the Arabian peninsula.
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These, you need to know about

These, you need to know about

Even just the larger international events of 2019, the number of cars (and not just the cars!) that we’ve been able to admire has been incredible. We’ve therefore decided to play a game of finding the top 10 ‘hidden gems’. Unlike our rankings in The Key, which present the Top 100 Collectors, this is not down to scientific or objective research. But, rather, this is an instinctive choice, linked to the emotions that the sight of these extraordinary models has brought to us, and based on our prediction that, in future, you will still hear talk of these vehicles.
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Featured Events

Mille Miglia

People with a strong vision can create something big – even under the worst conditions. In the mid-1920s, the difficult economic situation forced the major Italian car manufacturers, such as Bianchi, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, to rethink their commitment to motorsports. The town of Brescia, which had a long tradition of racing, came under additional pressure by the opening of the Monza course near Milan in 1922.

Concorso d’Eleganza di Villa d'Este

Cernobbio is a quiet village on Lake Como in Italy. Life here is relaxed but once a year, usually at the end of May it becomes the center of the classic car world. At its most prestigious hotel, Villa d’Este, since the 1920s of the last century, the most refined car show in the world has been held.

Pebble Beach Concours

Today Pebble Beach is home of the most important classic car concourse of elegance in the world. To enter a car in the event is already an achievement, to win a class a dream even for heavy players in the classic cars world. Following this, we can only imagine what do means, for both car and owner, to be declared best in show.

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