Day by day news and pictures of the race from our Scuderia The Classic Car Trust, which was taking part to the 2019 edition.

Updates from inside our Cisitalia, driven by Duccio and Francesca Lopresto, the Lancia Aurelia B 24 Spider America, driven by Antonio and Cristina Ghini, and the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing in the hand of Fritz and Benedikt Kaiser.

Scuderia The Classic Car Trust at the 1000 Miglia 2019:
a new milestone for the future.

The three The Classic Car Trust vehicles, numbers 280, 281 and 282, that together formed the Scuderia The Classic Car Trust, all crossed the finish line in Brescia every bit as perfect as when they started out. This result, of great strategic importance, was greeted with enormous satisfaction by Fritz Kaiser.

The Classic Car Trust approached the 1000 Miglia 2019, a tough event demanding many hours of driving and leaving very little time for sleep, well aware of the significance of this challenge for its mission: only by actually appreciating, first hand, the experiences of collectors and their cars on the road can we really do something meaningful for the future of classic cars.

This experience was actually not a first for Kaiser: prior to this year’s event, he had already been on the starting line in Viale Venezia on four previous occasions.

This year, Fritz decided to enter three Kaiser Collection cars — the Mercedes 300 SL, Lancia Aurelia B 24 America and Cisitalia 202 — precisely with the aim of getting an even deeper insight into the thrills and problems experienced by those who take part in this hugely important event. And he wanted the same insight to be gained by Antonio, editor of The Classic Car Trust’s highly regarded magazine The Key, and Duccio, who processes market intelligence data for The Classic Car Trust, an activity crucial for gaining a real understanding of the opportunities offered by the collecting world. Indeed, as mentioned elsewhere, 1000 Miglia spa has also commissioned The Classic Car Trust with a study on the 2019 competitors.

There are plenty of lessons to be learned from the 1000 Miglia, one being that passion and fun do not necessarily depend on having rare and expensive cars. This was shown by Elisabeth and Tijske, two Dutch girls in a tiny 1939 Topolino, who gave their all right to the end and were overjoyed to reach the finish line in Brescia.

The Classic Car Trust fielded a team with some great attributes: Fritz’s great vision, not to mention his passion; the experience of Antonio, who was able to put his past as a driver to great use during the race, and Duccio’s youth, which helped to highlight what the younger generation want. Their achievements are the greatest prize we can take home from the 1000 Miglia 2019, and it is a prize that was also won by Benedict, Birgit, Max, Cristina and Francesca, who provided critical support throughout the event.


18 05 2019 – BOLOGNA

The famous Car collector Albert Spiess with Fritz Kaiser and Antonio Ghini

18 05 2019 – BOLOGNA

The Scuderia The Classic Car Trust at the finish line

18 05 2019 – BOLOGNA

Quirina Louwman with her beautiful Aston Martin


17 05 2019 – SIENA

Famous cars parked on a famous square.

17 05 2019 – SIENA

Hunting for the perfect shot!

17 05 2019 – SOLOMEO

Is this the next generation?

17 05 2019 – SOLOMEO

With Cisitalia restorer Galassi

17 05 2019 – SOLOMEO

With Brunello Cucinelli in Solomeo

17 05 2019 – ROME

Ready to start from Rome!


16 05 2019 – ROME

The Scuderia arrives in Rome

16 05 2019 – CERVIA

Could you believe that they have been coming for 28 years from Germany for the MilleMiglia??

16 05 2019 – CERVIA

Cervia welcomes us with the traditional fishing boats named Bragozzi

16 05 2019 – ASSISI

A lot of horsepower

16 05 2019 – CORINALDO

Welcome in Corinaldo


15 05 2019 – FERRARA 

The Cisitalia in all its beauty in Ferrara

15 05 2019

Antonio Ghini, 6 hours driving.. smiling!

15 05 2019 – BRESCIA (Piazza della Vittoria) 

Getting ready for the 1000 Miglia

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