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Even just the larger international events of 2019, the number of cars (and not just the cars!) that we’ve been able to admire has been incredible. We’ve therefore decided to play a game of finding the top 10 ‘hidden gems’. Unlike our rankings in The Key, which present the Top 100 Collectors, this is not down to scientific or objective research. But, rather, this is an instinctive choice, linked to the emotions that the sight of these extraordinary models has brought to us, and based on our prediction that, in future, you will still hear talk of these vehicles.
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The orphan Duck becomes a Queen

There's a lot of talk about the Ferrari 250 GT0 and its stratospheric market values. But who knows how it was born? It was 1961, and Enzo Ferrari wanted a winning Grand Touring car to counter the growing performance of Aston Martin and Jaguar. With his histrionic style, the famous Enzo, instead of commissioning the racing department, asked one of his engineers, Giotto Bizzarrini from Livorno, to make a car with performances already superior than ever, working almost secretly in an isolated garage.
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The Times They are A-Changin’

Today everyone talks about new mobility, but if times are changing, for young people they change into a mixture of fun and nostalgia projected towards the future. Many young crews at London-Brighton 2019, the annual event for motor vehicles built before 1905. Young people at the wheel and on board, as enthusiastic protagonists.
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Audrain Concours d’Elegance:
a new School?

The Audrain Concours & Motor week represents a different event in the international automotive scene. The successful mix of private concerts, gala dinners in exclusive locations, open activities, young audiences, cars of exceptional level, allowed the organizers to offer a 360-degree event, young, diverse and fun. Among the elements of unicity compared to other "traditional" competitions of elegance, there is also the judging method adopted at the Concorso d'Eleganza. Although it retains all the classic elements typical of a Concours, Audrain differs by proposing a new method.
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On the snow with class.
Saving money.

Some invitations can cause problems: a wealthy friend is having a party at his mountain chalet. Snow is almost certain. You need a 4x4 to go there. Surely, a great opportunity to be different from everybody else, definitely more chic, and also to make yourself a gift given the passion for classic cars. Here are six options to arrive safely and with style without breaking the bank. Maximum budget: €10,000.
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Welcome back Auto Italiana

The publisher of Domus, the famous architecture and design magazine that is found on the tables of architects all over the world, has made a decision that brings joy to those who know that the use of paper, when it comes to quality topics and products, is irreplaceable. Fifty years after the publication was discontinued, it has proposed its historic magazine Auto Italiana in a very timely formula: quarterly, large format, high quality and content ranging from historical models to contemporary ones.
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Audrian Motor Week:
The ingredients for a perfect event.

The Classic Car Trust was present at the first edition of the Audrain Motor Week in Newport, Rhode Island. With a young and modern approach and a blend of new original ideas, the Audrain Motor Week plans to become a new reference point for this type of events. History, Luxury, Sport. The core values of the lifestyle of Newport. The values that inspired the vision of Nicholas Schorch to create an elegant, prestigious and international Motor Week on the American East Coast. A self-made businessman, philanthropist and respected collector of classic cars, he created an event that would encompass Concourse of Elegance, Seminars, Car Exhibitions and more.
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The art of driving

Surprise, curiosity, the dream of a distant past. To see a Diatto type 20S from 1924 among the participants of a historic car rally is a sure way to guarantee emotion. Commanding in size, elegant in her simplicity, powerful and agile with an engine which, at the time, was at the very forefront of performance. And above all absolutely epic in movement: the rear end tends to slide, and the driver has to use all every ounce of strength to govern the steering wheel and extraordinary courage to control the derapage necessary to make her turn, even on narrow and difficult roads like those around Etna.
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From Elegance to Speed

The cars of the Kaiser Collection were the protagonists of two important events: the Concorso d’Eleganza organized by Lamborghini in Trieste, Italy, where the Miura #3586, made famous by the film The Italian Job, was presented and the hill-climb race for classic cars organized in St. Moritz: the Bernina Gran Turismo. Here at the start the 1954 short wheelbase Aston Martin DB4, one of the most valuable pieces of the Collection. The contrast between the two events is great.

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