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Audrian Motor Week:
The ingredients for a perfect event.

The Classic Car Trust was present at the first edition of the Audrain Motor Week in Newport, Rhode Island. With a young and modern approach and a blend of new original ideas, the Audrain Motor Week plans to become a new reference point for this type of events. History, Luxury, Sport. The core values of the lifestyle of Newport. The values that inspired the vision of Nicholas Schorch to create an elegant, prestigious and international Motor Week on the American East Coast. A self-made businessman, philanthropist and respected collector of classic cars, he created an event that would encompass Concourse of Elegance, Seminars, Car Exhibitions and more.
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The art of driving

Surprise, curiosity, the dream of a distant past. To see a Diatto type 20S from 1924 among the participants of a historic car rally is a sure way to guarantee emotion. Commanding in size, elegant in her simplicity, powerful and agile with an engine which, at the time, was at the very forefront of performance. And above all absolutely epic in movement: the rear end tends to slide, and the driver has to use all every ounce of strength to govern the steering wheel and extraordinary courage to control the derapage necessary to make her turn, even on narrow and difficult roads like those around Etna.
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From Elegance to Speed

The cars of the Kaiser Collection were the protagonists of two important events: the Concorso d’Eleganza organized by Lamborghini in Trieste, Italy, where the Miura #3586, made famous by the film The Italian Job, was presented and the hill-climb race for classic cars organized in St. Moritz: the Bernina Gran Turismo. Here at the start the 1954 short wheelbase Aston Martin DB4, one of the most valuable pieces of the Collection. The contrast between the two events is great.
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What was racing like back in the day?
We tried it for ourselves!

The first sensation when you get behind the wheel of a 1948 single-seater is that you may not make it home that night. You are completely outside of the car, sitting on a little seat that you will be thrown from if you make a single mistake. The steering wheel, which is enormous, is really close to the body to allow you to apply pressure – back then power steering wasn’t even a figment of anyone’s imagination – and the pedals are small with a clutch that goes out immediately, almost ensuring that the engine will quit at the start.
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Attractive and Lively. And buyers come…

The Sàragga sale organized by RM Sotheby’s, a first for the Anglo-Canadian auction house in Portugal, was an exceptional and therefore much anticipated event that saw a single owner’s complete collection of classic cars all offered for sale without a reserve price. Rather like the similar Duemilaruote auction in Italy a couple of years ago, it attracted a host of potential customers not usually seen on the auction “circuit” — individuals with a keen eye for a potential opportunity, who were ready to take the risk of getting carried away by the excitement, and therefore of buying relatively “standard” cars for more than they might usually fetch.
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Judges at work.
Same rules, a different approach.

Salon Prive Concourse of Elegance has become one of the leading classic car shows of the year. The quality of the cars invited, the beautiful location and the care for details of the organization committee make this event a must in the classic car scene. Like all elegance competitions, Salon Prive selects an international jury that evaluates the cars in competition and assigns prizes to the best cars on the green. Like Pebble Beach, Salon Prive also feels the need to instruct the "next generation" in the profession of judging.

Auction or party?
A few hours and we’ll figure it out.

The forthcoming  Sàragga sale, organized by RM Sotheby’s, is an exceptional one-off auction of a complete collection of classic cars, all offered by the same owner. Portuguese classic car enthusiast Ricardo Sàragga took about 30 years to assemble his impressive collection, and he did so out of a desire to celebrate the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s car heritage of his country, an important and yet often overlooked aspect of motoring history.

Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach sale 2019 review

Gooding & Co., the only official auction house of the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance, held its Monterey Car Week 2019 auction at the Equestrian Center in Pebble Beach. A total of 137 cars were offered over the two days of the event, and overall the results were pleasing: 106 cars (77%) were sold, generating a total turnover of USD 76 million, including commission, which was 12% on amounts of up to USD 250 K, and 10% on anything paid beyond this threshold.

Bonhams The Quail sale 2019 review

Bonhams started the Monterey Car Week 2019 auctions with its “The Quail Lodge” sale in Carmel (CA). A total of 217 cars crossed the block over the two days of the event, and overall the results were pretty respectable: 165 cars (76%) were sold, generating a total turnover of USD 32 million, including commission, which was 12% on amounts of up to USD 250 K, and 10% on anything paid beyond this threshold. It is worth noting that 122 of the cars (56%) were offered without reserve

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