Tour Auto registration open: 2017 edition focuses on extinct French brands

It’s one of the early highlights of every classic car year: event promoter Peter Auto has just opened registration for the 26th Tour Auto classic car rally in France. The 2017 Tour Auto will focus on cars made by French brands that don’t exist any more. Collectors are therefore most likely to be selected to take part in next year’s “Grande Boucle” if their collection includes a Delahaye, Facel Vega, Hotchkiss, Jide, Pichon Parat, Salmson, Simca, Panhard or Deutsch/Bonnet.

Tour Auto Registration: Marque disparu Deutsch Bonnet

Photo © Rene Collection Cars 

Recreation of the “Tour de France”

The Tour Auto is always an invitation-only event for cars that participated in the historic “Tour de France” rally between 1951 and 1973. The complete list of eligible cars is available on the event website. You can register online now, but make sure you have everything you need before you start filling in the application form, including a picture of your car and a digital copy of its historical technical passport (HTP).

Other events of Peter Auto in 2017

Peter Auto has also published its overall event schedule for 2017. The fourth Arts & Elegance at Chantilly Castle will take place on September 10, while the historic Spa Classic race is scheduled for the weekend of May 13-15. For more information, please visit Peter Auto’s official website.

All pics courtesy of the author.

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