Artcurial withdraws Le Mans-winning Ferrari

On Friday evening, the news spread, first as a rumor, subsequently confirmed by an official statement, that French auction house Artcurial has had to withdraw, less than one week before its forthcoming sale, the car that had been expected to be the star of the Paris February auctions. The car in question, the 1964 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning Ferrari 250/275 P (chassis # 0816), owned since 1970 by French collector the late Pierre Bardinon, is part of Bardinon’s estate, which is still the subject of ongoing proceedings. Indeed, a difficult situation has arisen with relatives fighting against each other, and the French government involved in a dispute with the family over the value of the estate (declared by them to be in the region of EUR 78 million, as opposed to the 200 million believed by the government to be a more realistic figure).

It seems that Artcurial, after the signing of the contract of assignment on 31st July 2017, has not been able to obtain clarification of the situation, and the Bardinon family, not being 100% sure that they will be able to sell the car with absolutely clear papers, has preferred not to go ahead. It is easy to imagine how Hervé Poulain and Matthieu Lamoure of Artcurial felt when, after so many months of hard work securing the opportunity to sell this car, they had to break this news, and remove from their catalog a car that could have sold for an amount in the region of EUR 20 million, but the full transparency of everyone concerned is nevertheless to be applauded.

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