Motorworks Revival: The hottest party at Monterey Car Week?

There are lots of choices to start off Monterey Car Week. As a frequent visitor, you will realize that we usually open our reports on Monterey Car Week with the Concours on the Avenue in Carmel. We don’t forget about it this year, because of all the great cars and its low-key atmosphere.

This time however, we also would like to share some impressions from Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2018, and this is completely different to how we start in the most important week of the classic car scene worldwide: The event hails itself as a party for automoto-aero aficionados. At Monterey airport however, they don’t show the most exclusive cars and airplanes of all times alone. Event promoter Gordon McCall obviously knows how to turn a show into an exclusive party. Choosing the right guests, celebrity chefs, caviar and music was a valid combination for the most glamorous kick-off for Monterey Car Week 2018. Peter Singhof has taken a look around with his camera in the following photo gallery:

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