Breathtaking racing at the Goodwood Revival 2018

For many, the classic car event with the most passionate crowds is the Goodwood Revival. Over exactly two decades now, host Lord March has created a total work of art—or, if you like it to see it in another way, an event for the whole family. He has created a perfect flashback to the good old times, at least for one weekend, with historic racing at the center. All around the racecourse on the Goodwood estate, there is activity going on for everybody to enjoy something, from shows to shops, concerts, and multitude of catering options.

But of course, as classic car aficionados we tend to mainly concentrate on what’s going on around the racetrack. At the Goodwood Revival, classic cars—from souped-up production sedans to the most exclusive GTs and racecars—show how exciting and entertaining vintage racing can be. Behind the steering wheel or on the motorbikes can be found successful motorsports legends alongside keen amateurs and collectors alike. For many spectators, the most spectacular of all Revival races is the Kinrara Trophy, held on the Friday evening.

Goodwood Revival and its most expensive race

The 60-minute competition featured GTs and closed-cockpit racecars with engines of 3-liter or more. The list of cars competing read like a Who’s Who of classic cars, ranging from an Austin Healey and Jaguar E-Type to Ferrari 250 GT SWB and Aston Martin DB4 GT. Billed as the most expensive race in the world, some experts estimated the value of this rolling and racing museum to be well over $200 million. And despite the cars being highly valuable, it didn’t stop the racers from holding back, and spectators of the Kinrara Trophy 2018 enjoyed fierce competition and fabulous engine sounds to go along with the racing. Italian Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro partnering with another regular in historical motorsports, Niklas Halusa, emerged victorious. The latter driver is the youngest of the Austrian Halusa family, frequent guests to historic races all over the world with several high-caliber race cars. For the Kinrara Trophy 2018, the Halusas competed with a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB “Breadvan.” Although this proved successful, team Pirro/Halusa had to resist hard competition from a Jaguar E-Type. Especially in the beginning of the race, the lead changed several times between them and the E-Type’s team of Phil Keen and Jon Minshaw. Special congratulations go to Niklas for his impressive performance and for winning at the Goodwood Revival for the first time.

Despite coming in second after such a great battle in the Kinrara Trophy, Phil Keen wasn’t finished there and impressed even more with his drive later on Sunday in the Sussex Trophy. It is not far-fetched to say that his win in this race will be remembered for a long time: With the competitors grouped up at the starting lane, Keen obviously had a problem and raised his hand. The ex-British GT champion’s Lister-Jaguar—– part of Jon Minshaw’s collection— had problems on the grid and was forced to pull over to the pit lane for repairs and to start from there, so Keen was obliged to watch all the other cars pass by before he could get on the track.

But in the following 25 minutes, Phil Keen pulled out all the stops—one after another as he cut through the field. He performed the fastest lap and overtook the cars in front of him one by one. This jaw-dropping show had a late finale with only exactly one minute of the race left before he managed to pass Roger Wills in the lead in his Lotus 15, bringing the Lister-Jaguar home for a spectacular victory in the last race of the Goodwood Revival 2018—breathtaking!

Our photographer Julien Mahiels captured some of the best moments of the Goodwood Revival 2018 on and off the racetrack:

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