Kyoto rightfully takes its place among International Concours d’Elegance

Location, cars, jury, audience: in its third year, the most important Asian International Concours d’Elegance received the FIVA approval.

That in its third year, the Kyoto Concours d’Elegance entered the exclusive group of large international Concourses, is evidenced by several facts:

  • The 2019 edition, that took place on the 13th and 14th of April, was judged by a high-profile jury, led by the CEO of Pebble Beach, Sandra Button, and composed, among others, by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, President of the jury of Villa d’Este, by the President of the FIVA Patrick Rollet, and by other high-profile international personalities, that worked with rigour and professionalism.
  • The creator and organizer, the brilliant artist who has a hobby of collector cars Hidetomo Kimura, has defined a strategy capable of giving an international scope by appointing as Chairman of the event the famous collector and expert Corrado Lopresto, 24th in the world ranking by The Key. This guaranteed the excellent selection of Judges and the presence of important cars in a fascinating mix of Japanese, European and American collectors.
  • The FIVA officially delivered its Excellence Plaque for International Concourse to the organisation.
  • The creation of special rankings that change every year has allowed the 2019 edition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Carrozzeria Zagato and to have Lamborghini as its reference brand. The 54 cars present still represented the most diverse and famous brands.

Kyoto, magnificent as a symbol of Japanese history, allows the Concorso to be organised inside the ancient castle… in a setting enriched by the spring blossoming of the cherry trees, truly a show within the show. Being in Kyoto has also allowed the organization of the gala dinner with judges and competitors dressed in ancient kimonos in the most important Temple of the City. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The nine classes led important cars to success and the Best of Show, virtually unanimously elected, was indicated in a car returning to the limelight after more than 50 years of oblivion. Its owner, Wiliam Pope, arriving from the United States, patiently brought it back to its roots, recovering the original interior and returning it to the warm white of the presentation after it had been transported to the United States and painted red. The beautiful V12 engine, with its unmistakable Italian flavour, was perfect as well. That’s the one, bodied by Zagato and built in Sant’Agata Bolognese: The 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT Zagato, a unique example reappearing with perfect timing in an event in which Zagato and Lamborghini were protagonists.

It would be unfair, however, to forget other gems, awarded or “almost” awarded (a piece of advice for next time, award the second and third place as well, not only the winner… Japan is far!), from the delicious, tiny Fiat 750 Moretti Zagato 1954, to the numerous Abarth, Appia and SZ and TZ Alfa Zagato, the TZ3 Stradale winner of its category, the beautiful Porsche 356A Speedster Zagato, the many Lamborghini that, in their own categories, were represented by Miura, Countach and Diuablo. And still, the Astom Martin Vintage, “wearing” Zagato, like the Rover TCZ and the Ferrari 348, two beautiful Alfa 1750 from 1930 and 1931, both awarded, as was the 6C 2500S cabriolet 1942, and the gorgeous Fiat 8V Zagato blue from 1952.

A piece of advice: Put the 2020 date on your calendar. Passion knows no borders.

Image copyright and courtesy of Jacopo Salvi

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