Mille Miglia SpA and The Classic Car Trust

A survey for the future

The Classic Car Trust was founded in 2014 with the aim of putting specific expertise, knowledge and services at the disposal of the classic car world as a whole. On the services side, it has a market intelligence area whose role is to gather and analyze information, formulating pertinent questions on the hottest topics within the classic car community, and providing the answers needed in order to anticipate better and prepare for future trends and developments within the classic car movement. 

One of the most fascinating and extensively debated topics is how best to attract the younger generation to the world of classic cars, given that they are growing up in a world where cars are increasingly demonized. One approach that has already emerged is to provide dedicated training so that millennials might become members of the judging panels at classic car concours events; another is to set up foundations offering scholarships for students wanting to follow school and university programs linked to the classic car world. But what strategy should be adopted for historical events like the Mille Miglia, which is both a competition and a public attraction? How might this, the “most beautiful race in the world”,  be developed and perhaps modified, without altering its essence of course, in order to make it more appealing to collectors, particularly younger ones?

The Classic Car Trust, on behalf of Mille Miglia S.p.A.,  has just conducted an extensive market intelligence assignment, interviewing a large proportion of the drivers (about 50%) at this year’s Mille Miglia, in order to have some solid figures on which to base an analysis that might help to answer these questions. The drivers were asked about their hopes and dreams for the Mille Miglia, and their ideas and suggestions were noted. The questions put to them were mainly about how the event should evolve in order to arouse the interest and curiosity of the upcoming generations — how they might be encouraged to learn more about it, follow it and take part in it. Blinded by the beauty of the cars involved, we all tend to forget, or underestimate, the historical importance of the Mille Miglia. This race was first established in 1927 as a means of uniting Italy through racing cars, which, back then, were the ultimate symbol of innovation and technological progress, and also of the new level of freedom and mobility that characterized the age.

The huge value of this formula is still very much apparent today, 92 years on. It is easy to see why Italy is envied, the world over, for the Mille Miglia. Both a competition (albeit, since 1957, no longer a speed race) and a major event, every year, it proves to be a wonderful way of showcasing the country, and of attracting and involving millions of people. As a thank you for their help, the entrants who took part in the survey received a special “The Classic Car Trust” wristband to wear during the event as a proud symbol of their membership of the classic car community.

Image copyright and courtesy of Blazej Zulawski 

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