Place of honor for the Miura #3586 in Oxford, at the 50th anniversary of “The Italian Job” movie

Oxford for the 50th anniversary of the film The Italian Job and the 60th anniversary of the Mini

The evening organized in Oxford for the 50th anniversary of the film The Italian Job and the 60th anniversary of the Mini. The guest of honor the Miura, now a symbol of the famous film, confirmed the great vision of Ferruccio Lamborghini. The initial scenes were spectacular and compelling, in which the magnificent Miura rises towards the Gran San Bernardo Pass, where the worldwide advertising spot is for the new Sant’Agata model.

The Miura #3586, protagonist of the magnificent ascent to the Great St Bernard affixed of honor near the screen.

In the film, there are many cars: the three Mini’s that escape with stolen gold, Michael Caine’s Aston Martin, two Jaguars E, but the real actress, who conveys the central role of cars in this very successful film, is the Miura with its red-orange color climbs the Alpine roads.

The three Mini protagonists of the escape with gold on board.

Some protagonists of the film, present in an amusing debate and the testimony of Sir Michael Caine, accompanied the presentation of Matthew Field’s book that documents, with the support of Paramonth, the entire production of the film and its protagonists.

Matthew Field’s beautiful book contains unknown images provided directly by Paramount.

Fritz Kaiser, creator of the Kaiser Collection, who sent the Miura #3586 used in the film for the event, received a specially dedicated copy. Great thanks were given for having this car at its first public appearance after Lamborghini’s official recognition of its authenticity.

Fritz Kaiser – owner of the famous Miura – receives the book dedicated to him by the attendees, that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film. Among these, there is David Salimone, who selected the cars for the film and he is the actor who drives Michael Caine’s Mini. Next to him is Hazel Collison, who is also in the cast.

At the end of the movie, the author of the book Matthew Field holds a panel discussion with its main protagonists: Michael Deeley, David Salamone, Hazel Collinson and Robert Powel.

The opening image is a scene from the original The Italian Job (1969) movie. Copyright Paramount Picture Corporation.

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