A truly one-off Concourse: Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo

A competition of elegance in Montecarlo, enriched by the royalty of Casa Grimaldi, is by definition something unique. And just how unique they were in terms of charm and value, the cars that paraded on the streets of the Principality and were subjected to ratings that, strictly speaking, shouldn't even have been there. In fact, being selected for participation is in itself a sign of absolute distinction.
The rarities included the Pegaso Roadster of the Kaiser Collection. A unique piece for several reasons: the last convertible car of the only 84 cars produced by the Spanish manufacturer in the early 1950s. In addition, the car is unique in its design and in the choice of the unusual windshield, mounted without a frame and therefore almost invisible due to its transparency. It is unique also because it is the last "work of art" by Saoutchik, a famous French coachbuilder of Russian origin.
The refined light blue color completes this marvel, which was applauded and admired in Montecarlo.
Congratulations to the organization under the direction of the famous Christian Philippsen. Here's hoping that the event will be repeated because the value of collecting deserves great stages.

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