Cortina passes the Japan test!

Hidetomo Kimura tells us what it feels like to be a Far Easterner who discovers such magnificent Western events as the Golden Cup of the Dolomites.

Hidetomo Kimura and Tetsu Kurosawa arrived from Japan with the splendid Osca Mt4Frua of 1952, the winner of the Golden Cup at the time, and gleefully left the competition that accompanied the rally with the Best of Show award. This is the hard news, but it is interesting to understand what these faraway enthusiasts feel like when participating in such a magnificently Italian event. Westerners – Europeans and Americans alike – belong to a culture that is different from Asians’, and have profoundly different habits. It is therefore interesting to experience this event through Kimura’s eyes. What struck and excited him?

First of all, the roads: “A pity that it is not the Golden Cup of the past. On these roads, I could have really enjoyed myself with my Osca. It seems it has been made exactly for the bends of these magnificent mountains”. Kimura and Kurosawa are still overwhelmed with the magnificence of the Dolomites, and the possibility of driving around the large rocks that look like sculptures: “A unique, unforgettable, spectacular view …”. The complaint “Too many special tests. We didn’t have time to look around!” makes us smile in sympathy. But they appreciated the severity and commitment required: “It was tiring. We tried but” and here comes the strict Japanese discipline “we were driving on open roads and we didn’t want to risk our lives. So, sometimes, we intentionally gave up ..” Well done! We can all learn from that.

Something else that impressed the Japanese drivers was the friendliness of the organizers and the pleasantness of the relationships “Italians are special in this …”

Not to mention the food. In Italy you can eat well, but the delicacies you can find in the Ampezzano and South Tyrol regions are out of this world.

Finally, the harmonious relationship with competitors:  “They were all very kind to us. Well-to-do Italians, mostly of a certain age, with nice cars. It’s a pleasant thing. Many smiles. Beautiful, just beautiful … ”

Winning the Best of Show award was a matter of great satisfaction to us. We have to think – and Westerners do not always take this into account – of the distance and costs that faraway enthusiasts have to face: “It was a smart idea to add the Best of Show award to the rally. It’s a way to reward the cars too, not just the drivers … Tetzu and I are very happy for winning the show.”

Here is a beautiful example of good Old Europe. We are great at what we do! Let’s not forget it! Those who come from far away remind us of the responsibility that we have to confirm it. And, possibly, to amplify it!

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