Passione Engadina? Paolone’s Passion!

Anyone who says his passion is for cars, is mistaken. He is a DJ, a connoisseur of music so entwined with his art you can often catch him spinning the decks at midnight after an early start and a full day supervising and commentating on his “Passione Engadina”, after which, he’ll keep on making music until three-thirty in the morning, without any sign of slowing down.

Everybody calls him Paolone, a name that reflects perfectly his image. So much so that despite the splendor of the cars at “his” event, with its hub in St Moritz, he uses a Fiat 600 Multipla to get around which, when you look closely, bears an uncanny resemblance to the man himself.

In a world of events, Concours d’Elegance and fundamentally similar rallies, Paolone has a truly special skill: the ability to keep participants together, uniting them through a stream of words to describe the cars, competitors, sponsors, and programs. He formulates these words spontaneously, without worrying about language or rhythm. In other words, he is the perfect DJ even when he’s dealing with classic cars, banishing any risk of boredom or silence.


Two sides of the same coin: Paolo Spalluto, whom everyone calls Paolone, organizer of #Passione Engadina, with his faithful Multipla, and Antonio Ghini, Director of #TheKey, next to the beautiful Aurelia B24 America driven in the event.

Bravo, because he brings charisma, precision and refinement to whatever he organizes, distinguishing Passione Engadina from the other events of the packed classic car collector season.

Bravo, because he enriches these days of cultured appointments – this year two great designers, Lorenzo Ramaciotti, former chief designer for Pininfarina and then FCA, and Fabrizio Buonamassa, Watches Design Center Senior Director of Bulgari, talked about the design of the future.

Bravo, because he knows how to satisfy the desires of those present. This was demonstrated by the success of the Bulgari Ladies Cup, disputed with passion and commitment by the ladies who took advantage of the race reserved uniquely for them to snatch the steering wheels from their male team-mates, achieving such positive results as to leave us wondering!

And finally, bravo for having grasped the value of the message brought to Collectors by the TCCT magazine, The Key. Still hot off the presses, The Key 2019 was one of the precious items dedicated to and presented to the competitors.

And the competition? The usual rankings, prizes, and praises were all there. But the best prize for everyone was the feeling that they were part of an orchestra directed with energy and passion by the musicologist DJ Paolo Spalluto, with their own cars as instruments.

The next appointment is for August 2020.

Bulgari Ladies’ Cup at the Passione Engadina. That extra touch that doesn’t hurt …

Paolone in his Fiat Multipla. Hard to say that the two are not alike!

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