Your Collection

The Collectors Office

A single international point of contact for all the legal, financial, tax and administrative matters relating to your collection; a gateway to the best service providers in the classic car market – restorers, insurers, auction houses, dealers, historians, appraisers, event promoters, . . .

The art of collecting cars

Collecting often starts with an individual dream. But as in other businesses, making things happen requires many talents. Our “collection wheel” gives an overview of the tasks involved in successful collecting. We have the right people (or we know them) to help make dreams come true.

When you develop your collection

To avoid unpleasant surprises when buying and selling classic cars you need a deep knowledge of the market and all the right contacts. We must emphasize that we are not a dealer! But we know the auction houses and most of the important dealers. And we know the experts who can tell you whether the car you like is worth the asking price or best avoided.

So if you want to buy or sell an important and valuable car, we probably know the right people and can help you make the deal.

Insure your car with the worlds best

The Classic Car Trust has teamed up with leading collector car insurer Hagerty to provide a comprehensive solution with worldwide cross-border cover and leading service.

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