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The relevance of the Classic Car market

Our 2019 Market Analysis shows that the first 100 top global collections are worth approximately 10 Billion dollars. Moreover, more than 60% of all classic car collectors are based in the US. The other part is split between Europe and Asia. These collections are just the top of an iceberg of a greater phenomenon, which combines passion and business – but up until now, nobody has ever looked at it from a bird’s eye view.

A look behind the garage doors of the world’s top 100 classic car collectors

“The Key – Top of the classic car world” is a report on the current state of the classic car collector business. Available online and in print, it shares the market knowledge of The Classic Car Trust including the publication of a first-ever systematic ranking of the top 100 classic car collectors in the world.

Presenting new facets of a secretive world

The Key – Top of the Classic Car World – applies a unique approach to make the pinnacle of classic car collecting more available. We present facets of a world which normally happens behind closed garage doors. Following the findings of our research, the world of collecting classic cars has its own rules and challenges but, if promoted and developed, offer great opportunities.

Whats inside

Media kit

Infos on “The Key – Top of The Classic Car World”, The Classic Car Trust and more…

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